Monday, 18 December 2017

Best way to report dengue cases through a simple mobile app, All about 'dengue-stop'

Dengue is one of the most dangerous disease, when not reported and treated in time would lead to death. Today I'm going to talk about an interesting application which helps one to report dengue cases immediately and get assistance on time.  This project is built as part of scorelab research to help alleviate dengue.

The app allows you to simply authenticate yourself either through facebook or google+. This is a one step OAuth2 setup which you need to allow the application to use your public profile details either on facebook or google+.

Once logged in, the user can view the following page.

You have different options to either report the case which is near you, or report a garbage dump which is present unattended. This application helps you to report both affected cases for assistance as well as reports cases (such as mosquito breeding areas) to prevent the outbreak of the disease.

It also shows a report on the total number of cases being reports and few statistics on daily and weekly reports. That gives an idea to the community on the severity of the problem and immediate assistance can be given.

Some really good features to have is, to connect the government authorities and doctors to deal with case reports on dengue attack and garbage clearance to mitigate the problem. Also, one good feature can be to point marks on the map, to locate areas for accurate tracking.

For developers who are looking forward to contribute to the application, here is the quick link to follow and setup the project locally and contribute.

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