Sunday, 18 December 2016

My Experience with FOSSASIA

I joined fossasia few months back. The journey so far was just amazing. I have met new people and got introduced to the world of open source technology. I have started interacting with people on various chat rooms, got a chance to know more about each and every project under fossasia. So before diving into my favourite fossasia project I would like to introduce myself.

I'm Mehant, studying 11th majoring in mathematics. My passion towards computers and physics is inevitable. I started playing with computers when I just 6 years. I played a lot of games and my interest towards actual coding increased when I was 11 years. I slowly started learning programming languages. I actually started off with Visual Basic, C and Java. I slowly started developing games on unity. Then I got a chance to present my game called "The Wanted" to the NASSCOMM game development contest. I was selected as a finalist twice. My passion for learning never dies. And GCI is one different experience to me. 

As I mentioned I joined fossasia a few days back. I liked the many projects which are active under it. I explored various android apps, chat bots under it. I personally like the GCI website of the current year because it was collaboratively developed by many students under guidance of many mentors. I loved the project for it's high involvement. We are also encouraged to put on ideas possible which make us think creatively. 

Another project which I liked is the susi chat system. It is fun to play with. I is almost close to cortana or siri which I use regularly. And the server giving the data to it. 

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