Saturday, 5 November 2016



From past few years , I have been watching many people in my life  and found a keen difference in their intellectual thinking and other things related to brain . Actually yes , I saw a wide range of people. But still worrying why there is such a difference in their intellectual abilities . Moreover , I started taking up a certain analysis on such people who differ drastically in their mind functionality.

 I have seen few of my seniors and was extremely wondered. One of them was an all-rounder. She was not only  a good basketball player but also a highly intellectual scholar. Still !! I am worrying how she could do these  things all at once. Yes! another guy who was a well renowned basketball player but couldn't pickup much in his studies.

I started my analysis right from this point. Actually saying you the truth , a normal person has got complete abilities to achieve these all things. The only thing he should do is not to get satisfied for a small achievement. Instead strive hard for further achievements thinking that you are  completely nothing in the society.

I have also got a very interesting point, you may or may not trust me but ' experience and circumstances' actually help you to achieve goals provided what experience and circumstances   your are having . That's it !! you can change your life. I like to share a simple example , if the person is surrounded by thieves and however he is, still if  he is a naive person then he would surely become a thief .

Finally I say it again sacrifice (to gain something later), good experience ( to show that you need to achieve more) and yes you also need confidence as a fuel to your success

Happy successful life
(Game developer)

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