Monday, 15 January 2018

Feasibility study for soundcom

Im completely new to the feasibility study, but i looked up on google to get some points on how to present my feasibility study for soundcom with react native.


Soundcom is an android application which is a powerful audio encoder and transmits data through sounds. Amazing right? But, right now the application is built in android. Let's do how feasible it is to fully build it as a react native application. 


Soundcom, is an application which takes the audio as input and encodes the audio and transmits via sounds! While coming to react native is a framework which allows one to build native applications using javascript and React. Let's discuss the available features in both the application and proposed technology and also android. 

Current features within Soundcom

 - Takes the audio files as input or records the audio. Which shows the ability of the application to accept the audio file in any format and record it clearly to later transmit it. 
 -  Decoding and encoding logic, we have to think of the language feasibility and availability, right now it's android and is written in Java, which tells it's a powerful tool and with highly available libraries. 
 - Ability to transmit the encoded data - again this show the logic, and asks for the feasibility of the language. 

React Native

Now, let's checkout the features of react. 

 - We can build native applications using react native and deploy it anywhere. 
 -  It let's you build the app (mobile) using only javascript, which is again a powerful language feasible to build the logic as well as an amazing front end too. 
- It's a modular framework for us to use, to migrate it to any platform or to even change any module or enhance. I also feel, this can be a great start towards a modular and scalable architecture of soundcom.

Following are the links to some opensource libraries to encode and decode audio files (soundwaves)

    - aurora.js
    - audiolib.js

I would like to work on this migration in future :) 

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