Tuesday, 19 December 2017

All about Kute, an amazing project under scorelab

Kute is a real time travel tracker for Sri Lanka users, who are looking out for car pooling and track public transport. Its a convenient application to use for real time car pooling and track public transport for accurate timings.

After you login, you find the above two options for you to use. If you choose to private vehicles, you can either register your vehicle as shown in the following screens.


You will find the above flow to register your mobile number, vehicle name and share your route. So that it would help people who are travelling by the same way. Also you will find options to simply add existing routes which you have added previously, and find friends. 

Coming to the public vehicles, you will get an option to share your location for a particular publish transport say bus or train, and people who are following that particular vehicle can track on google map accurately and estimate the arrival or departure timings. It's a very good application to use for a busy working day. 

To contribute to this application, you can visit the github page and look up for setting up the project locally. The community is friendly and welcoming for any beginner level help. 

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