Tuesday, 29 November 2016

My first patch to FOSSASIA under GCI

I'm excited after my patch for FOSSASIA got merged. I loved working on github. I learnt git on my own and setting up the environment. I worked hard to get a context on how to use github and git.

The first task which i claimed is about adding a small patch to the gci website with my details which gets displayed later. I cloned the repo and I have added my information to a yaml file and image. I submitted the patch to the main code using git from command prompt. It was very difficult for me to constantly update the existing patch. I learnt and watched videos on youtube on updating the commit and reposting the same one. I took the comments on my code patch and learnt on how the website would work on taking the data. It was amazing. I starred the repo. Constantly tweeted on twitter about my progress. I got nice feedback from mentors @Princu7 @SaptakS and few others. I joined the slack channel and got to learn to how manage to join the channels and sending invite. I learnt how to host github pages which was amazing. The experience was brilliant and yes i have shared this experience with other friends of mine.

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